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Rechargeable Light, Rechargeable Fan Manufacturer in ChinaChangrong Electrical Company is a leading Chinese manufacturer of rechargeable light products. Our most popular products include a wall mounted rechargeable light, portable rechargeable light, camping rechargeable light, rechargeable torch, and rechargeable AC/DC fan. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors to satisfy every customer's requirements.

  • Rechargeable Fan (AC/DC Fan)
  • Rechargeable Fan (AC/DC Fan)We at Changrong have developed a wide range of rechargeable fans, which come in various sizes(12inch, 14inch, 16inch)...
  • Rechargeable Light Bulb
  • Rechargeable Light BulbLong lasting and energy efficient, Changrong rechargeable LED light bulb is the perfect choice for lighting in any...
  • Portable Rechargeable Light
  • Portable Rechargeable LightChanglong portable rechargeable light is a multifunctional lamp that can be taken outside by a comfortable handle...
  • Rechargeable Torch
  • Rechargeable TorchWe offer three series of rechargeable torch that include plug-type series, high power LED series and superbright ...

A Changrong rechargeable light is a must-have item for any household, as it makes the home a safer place when power is lost. It uses white-light LED as the light source, which provides a long lifespan (100,000 hours), high brightness (1500 MCD) and low power consumption (0.1W). As a battery's long life and reliability are vital in a rechargeable light, we have developed a high capacity 6V 4A lead-acid battery that enables the 120 LED lighting system to be continuously used for up to 15 hours after one full charge.

With over 15 years of continuous work to provide the best products available, we at Changrong have established a complete quality management system. Our quality control department strictly tests all incoming materials and outgoing products, using precise equipment. Before being used in our rechargeable light production, metal parts undergo 8-hour salt spray testing, and LEDs, batteries and components are subjected to aging and other testing. Sample inspections are also conducted randomly at each stage of production and before delivery, and only completely qualified rechargeable lights and rechargeable fans are allowed to be shipped to customers.

We at Changrong have a packaging material factory, PCB factory, transformer factory, battery factory, as well as PCB plugin&solder workshop, automatic spray paint &printing workshop, an automatic injection workshop equipped with robotic manipulators, a dustless electroplating workshop, and more. This enables us to fabricate the majority of our components in our own factory, which reduces our outsourcing costs and ensures our timely production completion. As a result, we are able to fill customers' orders quickly, within 25 days.

At Changrong customer satisfaction is our priority, so we offer great service. Our engineers can customize rechargeable lights and product packages according to customers' specific requirements. After receipt of an order, we provide updates on production progress via emails. In addition, we have established a specialized after-sales service department which is responsible for collecting market feedback and providing parts replacement, product maintenance or return services. OEM and onsite services are also available upon request.

Reliable quality, competitive prices and exceptional service have made our wall mounted rechargeable light, portable rechargeable light and rechargeable fan increasingly popular with customers from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Africa. We invite more international customers to try our products, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.